Best Price Brain Warp by Tiger Electronics 1996

Brain Warp by Tiger Electronics 1996

Brain Warp by Tiger Electronics 1996

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Brain Warp is an electronic memory game with voice commands. It is shaped like a sphere with 6 knobs sticking out of it. The knobs all have different colors and are numbered 1-6. There are 6 different games to play. In the first game, the voice calls out a color and the player must quickly rotate the Brain Warp until the color called is facing upward. The next game is the same only it uses the numbers. Other games include: colors and numbers, combinations of colors and numbers, code buster, and a passing game in which players add to an ever growing sequence. The Brain Warp calls out the winner at the end of each game. The Brain Warp must be held straight for the game sensors to "read" selections correctly. It must be rotated from selection to adjacent selection - not diagonally or through another color. Correct selections receive a Confirmation Tone, incorrect selections (or if you take to long) receive a Razz tone.